General Medical Information Websites

Sexual Health - No matter what your age, if you are sexually active you need to look after your sexual health.

NHS Direct - Includes patient information on common conditions.

British Medical Journal - For the latest medical news and original papers.

Patient UK   - Website designed for UK patients. Offers links to UK sites.

NetDoctor - Website for reliable information for UK patients.

Mens Health Forum - Source of information and research on all aspects of men's health.

Male Health - Health information for men.

Family Planning Association - Supports the public and professionals with sexual health information and resources.

Students Health - Student health advice website

Women's health - Health information for women.

Kids Health - Health information for children

See Saw - Childhood Bereavement

No Limits - Young peoples counselling and advice service

Virtual X-ray and Oncology Department visit - The worlds first virtual radiology and oncology departments aiming to demystify the procedures and equipment that patients would encounter during a visit to an oncology or radiology department.

BBC Health - BBC focus on health issues 

Department of Health - Links to current advice on Bird Flu


COVID - Abingdon Coronavirus Community Response Facebook page

NHS volunteers -

Mental health advice helpline 111


Covid-19 Videos Available to Help Frail & Elderly Patients and Families Plan

·        Video 5 – Planning ahead to get the care I want